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About Us  

Have you ever looked at the same parts, especially your used parts, year after year gathering dust at the back of your store and wondered if someone somewhere needs them?

Or, have you ever needed parts and wondered if someone somewhere has them, 'but who and where'?

After 33 years in the Bus and Coach Industry I have learnt that one of our greatest assets is the sharing of information.   This is why I have created mybusparts.com.au.

mybusparts.com.au will make available to you, on a centralised database, those parts available for sale or purchase.

In many instances when parts are not available for various reasons, used or secondhand parts will suffice.  In those times of desperation when you know someone somewhere will have them the challenge is to find them in a timely manner.  The Bus and Coach Industry by its very nature has, over time, developed and educated some brilliant people in the area of parts, knowledge and contacts. For those who are lucky enough to know some of these people, finding the right part still takes numerous phone calls and something you don’t always have when in need, time!

Advertising in classifieds is increasingly costly and generally has a finite time, and as well as this, the market has to be looking when you are advertising. The chances of the two matching are limited.   For this reason mybusparts.com.au allows a number of options to assist you.

mybusparts is not interested in the sale value of the items only that all operators have access to them. The value of the items is between the seller and buyer to negotiate. It is hoped that this sale contact will develop into a relationship that will in time benefit all operators.

Don’t throw away those old parts in the big clean up, LIST THEM!  It may be surprising the dollar value sitting on your shelves collecting dust.

Click on JOIN for further details or SEARCH to try a search and see how mybusparts.com.au works.

My vision is for the bus, coach and motorhome industry to look to mybusparts.com.au’s database of parts as the preferred place to find industry specific parts Australia wide.


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